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Bruce Dorfman
Affirmation: New Works in Combined Media

Dorfman - Affirmation,2022 - combined media on canvas - 37 x 33 x 4 inches

Combined media on canvas
37 x 33 x 4 inches


 Affirmation, an exhibition of new works by Bruce Dorfman -- arresting abstract assemblages in combined media fusing painting and sculpture that resist predictable spatial boundary, will open at the June Kelly Gallery, 166 Mercer Street, on Thursday, June 16.  The exhibition will remain on view through July 29.

Dorfman with an impressive exhibition history exceeding more than five decades has an abstract language of his own that underlines his dual focus in creating a strong art experience through geometric structure and through intriguingly sensuous luminosity.

Dorfman’s innovative and provocative abstractions often reflect his defiance of probable surface order by his scrambling into rational space layers of additional visual planes.  There’s a certain physicality and redefinition of space in his constructions with the adhering of mundane, discarded and perhaps disparate objects, there is also emphasis, says Phyllis Braff, former art critic for the New York Times and historian, on risk, for Dorfman still seeks ways to examine and extend every potential for an even stronger art experience.

Dorfman writes, “The act of artistic creation is a wholehearted affirmation of life.  I make I make no separation between the many meanings of my art and whatever the many meanings of my life may be.  Whatever goes on in my paintings is simply an extension of whatever else I do, think, feel and believe, from day to day and year to year.  The way my art looks, and the feelings my art reflects, is not the result of a self-conscious decision, but the result of a deeply felt need, and a use of formal means, as necessary to the work.  Both the need and the formal means are rooted in an extreme intensity of experience and choice.

I am very much driven by a lasting, abstract notion and ideal of beauty.  I try to get some of this into my work through an ongoing process of strengthening and clarification.  In all my art, I seek strength of statement through refinement, elaboration and simplicity of form.  All of this is somehow driven by a need to see a kind of beauty that is not already there.  If it were already there, I would not need to create it.

“My art is never 'about a subject,’ continues Dorfman, nor does it deal exclusively with some consideration or preoccupation about technique or form.  Each work is a summation and consolidation of innermost feelings and outlook.  I do not seek to associate or identify with any particular approach, genre, agenda or 'school' of art.  Emphases, risks and approach evolve through time, from one work to another.  It seems to me that each and every work is inevitably new, with its own problems and joys.  The problems are always in abundance, but the joys remain.”


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