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Claudia DeMonte
La Forza del Destino
Sculpture and Paintings

Our Lady of Good Fortune, 2000 - Mixed media, enamel and wood - 28 x 10 x 10 inches
Our Lady of Good Fortune, 2000
Mixed media, enamel and wood
28 x 10 x 10 inches

Symbols of luck good and bad from around the world are the focus of paintings and sculpture by Claudia De Monte in an exhibition entitled La Forza del Destino (the power of fate) that opens at the June Kelly Gallery on Thursday, April 10.  The work will remain on view through May 13.

DeMonte has traveled the globe to such far-flung destinations as Bhutan, Laos, Saudi Arabia, Senegal and Tibet to observe cultures, customs and idiosyncrasies.  La Forza del Destino, she says, examines icons that represent luck, superstition, and protection from the evils of the world in many of the places she has visited.

DeMonte uses a female form sculpted from wood and laden with pictographic configurations suggestive of luck and charms of protection to demonstrate both her continued interest in women’s multifaceted roles and impact as the storytellers, historians and mythological controllers of destiny and just how integral La Forza del Destino is to daily existence for many cultures.

DeMonte says growing up Italian, in Queens, the most ethnically diverse county in America, surrounded by good luck amulets and symbols from numerous cultures, informed her of the prevailing beliefs and solid reliance on symbols of luck and protection: Mal’occhhio; Il Corno; Hamsa; many numbers – 3, 8, 11, 7, animals and their parts – the turtle, butterfly, lady bug, an elephant with its trunk up, a horseshoe or a rabbit's foot.  All are believed to be true predictors and controllers of one’s destiny.

DeMonte’s work transforms historically based concepts into personal iconography that she says still “controls the every move” of many people.

DeMonte lives and works in New York City and Kent, Connecticut.  She received a bachelor's degree from College of Notre Dame of Maryland in Baltimore and an MFA from Catholic University of America, Washington, DC.

DeMonte's work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions nationally and throughout the world.  The many public and private collections in which she is represented include the Brooklyn Museum, New York; Bass Museum, Miami, FL; New Orleans Museum of Art; Corcoran School of Art, Washington, DC; Flint Institute of Art, MI; Indianapolis Museum of Art; Mississippi Museum of Art, Jackson; Portland Museum of Art, ME; University of Maryland, College Park; Contemporary Art Museum, Villa Rufolo, Ravello, Italy; Warsaw Museum of Modern Art, Poland, and the University of Oldenburg, Germany.


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Lucky Shells - 2013

Safety Charms - 2013 Charmed Shells - 2013

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